At the intersection of ‘the nerve’ and Muni

Photo by Imelda

We’re especially perplexed by the nurse and her sneeze. But also: Hello Kitty perfume?!?

  • Really, girl next to me? NOW is the time to apply your Hello Kitty perfume??
  • Someone’s talking on a flip phone on the train. A FLIP PHONE! What’s next, manual pinball?
  • When you walk on #muni and it smells as if everyone is carrying 32 lbs of high-grade cannabis. Each. #munidiaries
  • People who FaceTime their boo in bed on muni…
  • On #sfmuni and saw a #nurse sneeze into her hand and then grab one of the poles. #REALLY?! #gross

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4 New Unofficial Rules on Muni

muni f car by lynn f
Photo by Lynn Friedman

According to you guys on Twitter, there are some new important unofficial rules on Muni.

1. Don’t ever ask why it smells like rotten fish. (via @meganjelene)

2. When the bus is empty, for god’s sake, don’t sit next to someone. (@ericshin)

3. Summer officially begins when tourists take Muni to Fisherman’s Wharf (@c_vogelsang)

4. People who talk on speakerphone on Muni are the worst (and will be publicly shamed?). (@KaiKronfield)

What’s your Muni fight club rule? Inquiring minds want to know!

Unfortunate facts of Muni life

Photo by analogskirt

I suppose it depends on your point of view. Some of these could be positive experiences. If so, good on ya. I guess?

  • It smells like poop on this bus. #goodmorning #yuck
  • Look lady, I’m sry that yr bag had to give up its seat so a human being could use it, but you need to get over it. #SFMuni
  • Munifears: seemingly irrational fears you have riding the bus, like someone ‘accidentally’ sitting in your lap #sfmuni
  • I don’t know what’s worse, that my #SFMuni driver is on the phone, or that it’s on speaker for us all to hear.
  • 22-Fillmore stalled while woman enlists help of strangers to carry her 9 Starbucks drinks. This a social science experiment?

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Of boxers, fishnets, legs, backpacks, and fanny packs on Muni


Lots of things falling off, being complimented, opening, hitting people on the head, and just generally being worn by tourists this week. Behold:

  • guy on #sfmuni w/pants sagging so low you can see the end of his boxers. He sat down and the pants fell to his ankles.
  • On the 14, man next to me got up, complimented my fishnets, patted my arm, then accidentally bonked me on the head. #Sfmuni
  • Overheard on the 14 “BACKDOOR! BACKDOOR! My legs open easier than these doors” #backdoor #munisf
  • how many times do you need to be hit in the head while seated by a backpack wearer on muni to start a bad day?
  • Surrounded by tourists wearing fanny packs who got on the wrong bus. It’s officially summer

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Should this happen on Muni?

Photo by becky berry

We all have our ideas of right and wrong. And those norms don’t take a back seat when we ride Muni. Nor should they.

Here are some questionable things seen and smelled on Muni this week:

  • A woman just crawled on the streetcar with an open tallboy of Old English. Happy Monday! #MuniDiaries
  • On the 33 line and for the first time, saw a driver curse out a passenger!
  • Old woman dressed entirely in black on #sfmuni brushing the hair of a creepy doll. Quota for the macabre, fulfilled.
  • Someone pooped on the bus during my morning commute. #sfmuni
  • man picks nose. smears findings on bus wall. my stomach… #munidiaries

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