Weekend Photo Diary: God and Country

49 Van Ness
Photo by David Gallagher from the Muni Photos Flickr pool

Well, this was a big week for us here at Muni Diaries. On Monday, we gave birth to our first transit-diaries spawn: BART Diaries. That site works just like this one: Mosey on up to read or write about your favorite (or barfiest) time on BART, and enjoy the show.

The week also saw news of Routesy’s return to app-dom. We were finally able to finish our review of the iPhone app, after we were rudely interrupted by phony money-grubbers. Boo!

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Weekend Photo Diary: They didn’t see me

Photo by tangobaby from the Muni Photos Flickr pool

Amazing photo by tangobaby that I don’t really want to ruin with words. So I won’t.

Instead, I’ll recap a pretty busy week here on Muni Diaries. I’ll start with the post that kicked the week off for us: the July post of the month. Honors this month go to Plug1’s photo post: The Proof-of-Payment game. Later Monday, we posted a report of the M crashing into a car over the weekend, a story that was quickly eclipsed later that day in the now-famous SUV sandwich with F trains for bread. Later in the week, for whatever reason, old news about MTA’s purchasing an insurance policy came to the fore, and our weeks-old question was answered.

Also on Monday, we published the first of two posts by our favorite Muni mom, Beth W. One was about a cool new feature on txtmuni, an SMS service for bus predictions. The other was our first Muni poem, a villanelle.

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Weekend Photo Diary

Here Nor There
Photo by Troy Holden

What a week! We’re still riding the high of being voted Best Local Blog by readers in the Bay Guardian‘s Best of the Bay 2009. We’re honored and humbled, and truly, seriously, honestly couldn’t make this site what it is without our readers and contributors. The stories on the site come from you and your friends. That’s the idea, anyway. And we say: Keep ’em comin’!

What else? Well, as Greg at N-Judah Chronicles was wise to alert us all to, tonight is Critical Obnoxiousness Mass, that monthly hullabaloo that snarls traffic both public and private, and really seems to have lost its political message. Before you get all self-righteous on me, I ride my bike almost every day, so I know what I’m talking about here. Expect a particularly fucked-up Muni commute this evening.

Tomorrow’s August 1, and you know what that means: The month with no holidays officially begins! Yay! It looks like our late-to-arrive, typical July weather will extend into the weekend, with dreary mornings and some sun, if we’re lucky.

Also, Sex Pigeon will be selling nifty Muni tees tomorrow from 12:30 to 4, roughly, at Dolores Park. They’re only $15, and they’ll prompt you to decide what Muni lines, if any, you have an emotional attachment to. Tough one … love/hate, anyone?

Go forth on your merry way and enjoy yourselves! See you Monday!


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Weekend Photo Diary: Duboce Street, 1969

San Francisco, Duboce Street, 1969
Photo by Flickr user Leroy W. Demery, Jr.

Was browsing Flickr for a photo to go into another post when I came across the photo above. It caught my eye because I instantly recognized the U.S. Mint building on the left, but it took a moment for me to orient myself. Then I wondered WTF an F car was doing nearby, not on Market where it belonged. It was only then that I realized this photo must’ve been old. 1969, in fact, well before the digging of the tunnel behind Safeway. Well before Safeway, in fact. Timeless photo. Props to Leroy W. Demery, Jr. for taking it and posting it on Flickr and making it accessible to all of us.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Weekend Photo Diary: Deeper Concentration

Time Is On My Side
Photo by Troy Holden

Dude, Plug 1 just won’t let up, will he? He’s all over, everywhere, all the time, taking amazing photos, dropping them into various group pools on Flickr, and even doing us the favor of sending us Muni-related news tips. We swear, he must be two or three people, or be able to bend the time/space continuum curve to be able to do as much as he does.

This photo is so cool, so real, we almost feel like we’re on the train with this guy, not our day-job desks putting together a Weekend Photo Diary.

Alas …

Weather this weekend should continue to feel not-quite-like-July-in-San-Francisco, meaning warm weather and mostly clear skies. Weather Underground sees highs in the upper-60s, while our mobile app tells us low-70s. You can interpret both to mean: GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND HAVE SOME OUTSIDE FUN, PEOPLE!



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