Weekend Photo Diary: Lonely Rider

Photo by sflovestory from the Muni Photos Flickr group

There’s something really brilliant about this photo. I dunno. I just really, really like it. It speaks to the softer side of Muni. Muni, you know — that system of buses and LRVs that, ultimately, gets us where we’re going sometimes. It’s also where a lot of us bump into one another. Where a representative sample of San Franciscans meet, to board, de-board, ride quietly or loudly, legally or illegally.

Okay, who slipped estrogen into my lunch?

In all seriousness, back to Weekend Photo Diary tradition with a comment on this weekend’s SF weather. In a word: Shitty with a chance of suck-ass. Wow, forecasters got that one really, really wrong. Should we even bother with the weather anymore? I mean, srsly yall!

Have fun, stay dry (or wet, if that’s your thing), and send us your photos and stories!


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Weekend Photo Diary: We Hope It Lifts

M Navigating the Fog

We chose the photo above to play us out into the weekend based largely on this second-in-a-row lame weekend-weather forecast for San Francisco. Your Muni Diaries editors will be out of the shittiness tomorrow, locked away in an effort to improve the site even further (as if) at WordPress’s WordCamp San Francisco. Don’t worry, we’ll pass on what we have learned.

We wish you and your loved ones a great time this weekend despite the gloominess outside.


Muni Diaries

Photo by aarontait from the Muni Photos Flickr pool.

Two-Seat-Takin’, Big-Balls-Havin’ Guy, in Photos

Since time immemorial, we’ve known about his type. Recently, Muni Mind Reader Tiffany Maleshefski paid tribute to him — he who takes up more than one seat on Muni solely by virtue of being well-endowed in the genital region (we suspect, rather flatteringly).

Well, Tiffany did us all the favor of capturing some images of this unfortunately not-so-rare species. For your enjoyment, watch as this man’s leg migrates ever closer to Tiffany’s lap. A note from Tiffany: “My leg is the brown trouser pant. You’ll note we are not dating and don’t know each other at all. Yet he is perfectly comfortable having his legs in my personal space.”

More photos of this progression below the fold …


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Weekend Photo Diary: Going Somewhere?

Girl With Makeup

Well, finally! God is starting to behave like he should, damning this sleepy, quiet coastal town with a weekend of more or less shitty weather. Oh, well. Most of us would trade righteousness and cherubs for the debauchery-laden burg we call home. Right?

Speaking of debauchery, this weekend, among other goings-on, is Carnaval in the Mission. If you’re planning on Muni-ing anywhere near that neighborhood either Saturday or Sunday, do yourself a favor and peep this MTA Carnaval route schedule. Oh, and have a great weekend!

xoxo, Muni Diaries

Photo by sflovestory from Muni Photos Flickr Group pool.

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