Alleged Muni phone thieves caught on video

Via Mission Local, the SFPD has video of alleged phone thieves on Muni. The police are asking for help identifying a group of individuals who have allegedly being committing these crimes aboard the J-Church.

From Mission Local:

The light-rail surveillance camera capture photos of the alleged thieves as they took off with a phone. The video, released by the Mission Police Station, shows a man running out of the bus, presumably after taking someone’s phone.

Anyone with information is asked to Contact SGT Gilmore at (415) 558-5400. For more information, go to the Mission Police Stations website.

Read the full story at Mission Local.

Muni’s Number-One in My Book, Too

Photo: epugachev

Over at 16th and Church, rider Jayne made a run for the J-Church stopped at a red light. She says that, despite some hand-waving and the presence of two more would-be passengers, the driver ignored them and bailed once the light was green. Try to contain your surprise. But that’s not where this tale ends.

I decided to walk to the Church St. Station to catch the Metro. When [I] arrived at Market/Church, I saw the J streetcar was struck in traffic at Safeway. I proceed to walk down to the subway and catch a train to Van Ness Station. When I arrived at Van Ness…I saw the J-Church that didn’t opened the door for me slowly arriving…so I made my way on the platform to the front and, as the J pulled up, I stood at the side of the driver’s cab and gave him the finger and let it linger there for about 10 seconds or so.

There’s a first time for everything: 30-plus years of ridership, and she says it’s the first time she flipped off a driver.

Well, we’ve all been there: riding the high (“You’re stuck at a red, thank jeebus! Open up, kind sir or madam!”) and the low (“Oh. Walking won’t be so bad, I guess). Literally giving Muni the middle finger could be a bit much, but getting stonewalled is obviously a shit picnic.

What say, Muni riders? Is finger warranted here?

If and When You Like-Like a Muni Driver

Image: Flickr user jchinn84.

We’ve spotlighted our share of hug-worthy drivers here on Muni Diaries. Tammy, one of our favorites, threw a party for her passengers once. One F-Market/Wharves operator went beyond the call of duty, while another Muni driver handed out Lemon Heads one day! But what if you, you know…like them-like them?

@marisalevinson on Twitter poses a perfectly valid and hypothetical query:

 What do you do if you have a crush on a muni driver…Hypothetical situation…

Rider “Mike” left a missed connection for Muni driver Jackie. But how would you (or did you) go about it? Send us your solutions and shouts out to your uniformed objects of affection.

John Waters Muses About Muni

Comedian John Waters was recently at the Jewish Community Center where the host asked him about riding Muni. According to the host, “everyone hates Muni!” I think he means love-hate. Or love to hate. But John Waters actually just loves the ride.

“Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I feel like it’s just like an amusement park ride…I love it, it really makes me happy to ride Muni here.”

Watch the video and find out what he has to say about the F and the J, and hear why his love for Muni is the only controversy he’s ever caused.

Hat tip: rider Shoshannah.

But what else does F stand for?

Photo by jon|k

Fun stuff in Twitterlandia @munidiaries: the alphabet according to Muni Metro.

@_mola_mola: #muni driver says: L is for late, M is for missing, T is for tardy.

@Bordash: is the N for never? i can’t come up with anything better.

@Owenchristoff: N: Non-existant. J: joke. K: Knocked-out 🙂

@simplelife9: And J and K is for Just Kidding, there really is no Muni in 5 minutes lol…

This all reminds us of that silly kerfuffle over T-shirts that mocked Muni routes.

Care to fill in the rest or add some to the list? F and S (Shuttle) are feeling left out of the party.

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