Is springtime nosepicking season on Muni?

Photo by birdsintheframe

An unusual flurry of Muni tweets were spotted recently mentioning seeing someone on Muni digging for gold:

Friday, April 6: “this lady on the 29 dug for gold up her right [nostril] & wiped it on her toddler’s back.” – @KatmanduHerself
Monday, April 9: “woman on the L drinking beer, picking her nose, wiping mouth with baby bonnet, flipping off an older lady, stickers on glasses” – @Zangelman
Monday, April 9: “Serious nose pickage on the 1BX right now. I thought this was a classier ride…” – @im_crafty

It made us wonder why, all of a sudden, such a phenomenon would unfold. Could it be … allergies? Also: Stop it, people.

Video: Live Rickroll on Muni

Not sure how we could have missed this on Halloween but check it out: “Two guys. One girl. One dream. To real-life rickroll an entire city on Halloween.”

Are we all familiar with the idea of rickroll? Here it goes:

“When Jason put the boombox above his head, it played 5 seconds of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” (per Say Anything) and then suddenly jumped to “Never Gonna Give You Up.” My costume was modified to be tear-away, and I was Rick Astley underneath. Boom. Real life rickroll.”

These guys did it all over town, and of course the N and L got rickrolled properly! Check out the video. Props to @SaraMurphy for sending this video our way … and in effect, rickrolling us, too!

Muni has yet to smell like Teen Spirit

Photo by Flickr user jen_maiser

A couple weeks ago, rider Martha told us about a 49-Van Ness that smelled like basil, which was noteworthy because the 49 never smells like something you’d want to eat.

“Muni smells like…” actually shows up a lot on the @munidiaries Twitter feed. Here are our recent favorites.

@jessicasuzette: #Muni smelled like strawberries, somebody went to #farmersmarket love clean trains.

Could go either way
@WillieFDiazSF: Someone on this Muni bus smells like Hot Dog juice. Makes me wanna have a BBQ.
@jdaisy: this LTaraval smells like fish AND chips.

The Bad
@cache_theory: the smells of the #sfmuni…urine & moth balls
@RGreenberg: Guy just got on #muni smelling like week-old pants, and fertilizer.

The Optimistic
@fsquared: This bus smells like pancakes and syrup. #wishfulthinking #muni

We’re constantly impressed by your creativity and the, um, evocative descriptions you send. So keep ’em comin’!

But what else does F stand for?

Photo by jon|k

Fun stuff in Twitterlandia @munidiaries: the alphabet according to Muni Metro.

@_mola_mola: #muni driver says: L is for late, M is for missing, T is for tardy.

@Bordash: is the N for never? i can’t come up with anything better.

@Owenchristoff: N: Non-existant. J: joke. K: Knocked-out 🙂

@simplelife9: And J and K is for Just Kidding, there really is no Muni in 5 minutes lol…

This all reminds us of that silly kerfuffle over T-shirts that mocked Muni routes.

Care to fill in the rest or add some to the list? F and S (Shuttle) are feeling left out of the party.

Muni Media Map Art Show This Saturday

What are these good people doing, you ask? These are the participants of a Muni prom on the L for a project called Muni Media Map, where artists select a specific Muni line to explore in a medium of his choice. Zoe Burton picked the L line, where riders dressed in their finest prom wear and rode the train together.

From the organizers:

The Muni Media Map is a celebration of that glorious chaos: a collaborative multimedia exhibition organized by Revel Art Collective including 20+ Bay Area participants. Each artist selected a specific Muni line to explore in a medium of their choice, including sculpture, sound, music, mixed media collage, illustration, performance art, video, time lapse photography, interviews, comics, and participatory events. The Muni Media Map displays and integrates these investigations as a giant interpretive map of the city, transforming the gallery itself into an installation.

This Saturday you can see the Muni media map on display as a part of the 100 Days of Spring show.


Saturday, May 28th
5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
The Schoolhouse
1592 Market St. at Page and Franklin (map)

Hot on Twitter: Best- and Worst-Dressed Muni Line?

Photo by Kelly Nicolaisen

The water cooler gossip happening this week on the Muni Diaries Twitter wires: What are the best- and worst-dressed Muni lines? We caught a few people on Twitter playing Fashion Police. @richdevin thinks the 1-California has to be the best-dressed. The jury’s out on the worst-dressed Muni line: @jnavin nominated the L, but @ginaespo tweeted that the riders on the 10-Townsend should be arrested for crimes against style.

We’ve featured fashionable Muni riders in the past, including some terrific photos of the fashion tribes of San Francisco. Is your line the best or worst dressed? Tell us about the fashionable people on your bus, or those who might deserve wrath from Joan Rivers.

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