Muni moments that restore our faith in humanity


Setting aside all talk of malodors and defecation for a moment, this week served up many inspiring nuggets witnessed and otherwise experienced on Muni and documented in 140 characters or less. Here’s a list of greatest hits for this week:

  • I witnessed someone bust out sheet music for clarinet or piano for the Moonlight Sonata on #SFMuni. I now have faith!
  • A woman just proposed to her girlfriend on a crowded 24 bus. Couldn’t get a picture but it was really sweet.
  • Something about the Muni 5 line brings out inner DJing desires in ppl. At least today it conjured Marvin Gaye
  • Another NJudah full of schoolchildren. However this time one polite student offered me her seat. Well done, Holy Name School.
  • Never Apologize for rocking out to @NeilDiamond on a muni bus. Ever. #truth

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Photo by Brennan Browne

Great pearls of wisdom gleaned from a single Muni ride


Whether it’s an overheard or just someone you spot working life like a champ, there’s a lot to learn on your way from Point A to Point B. Don’t ever say Muni never learned you anything!

  • “They’re not pimps no more. They’re independent contractors.” -woman on the bus #munidiaries
  • Free #sfmuni ride, God is real
  • #SFMuni time runs backwards
  • There was a woman swigging sutter home at 8:46 in the morning on my bus. Girl I feel you. #sfmuni #peopleofmuni
  • “I’ve been drinking beer on Muni for 30 years…. At this point, it’s almost like coffee!” #sfmuni

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Photo by Muni rider Arturo

Things on Muni: You and the people you see on the bus


Because we really are all in this together, folks:

  • If you can’t spot the crazy person on #SFMuni, it’s you.
  • guy is getting mad cause nobody is buying his chips on the bus #munidiaries
  • It’s strange to see the #SFMuni driver wearing a bike helmet. Not making me feel good about his driving skills.
  • Girl holding tin box that reads “Human Organ.” Because we’re on #sfmuni, I really don’t doubt its contents.
  • evesdropping on advice on how to grow legal weed & how to open a co-op on #sfmuni this morning. #lifelessonsonthe49

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Photo by Jeremy Brooks

What’s grosser than gross on Muni?

Photo by bianca francesca

Muni: The gift that keeps giving. Just when you think you’ve seen, heard, and smelled it all, along comes …

  • Man on #Muni weaving yarn presumably from an untidy wad of pet hair, but I could be wrong.
  • It smells of fish and Chanel No. 5 on this bus. #sfmuni
  • old man’s beard completely white except for the part around his mouth. He must eat a lot of mustard. #SFMuni
  • When you realize you have a banana in yr pocket and are squeezed on #SFMuni. Squishy banana the breakfast of champions
  • Ok, which one of you shit your pants? This train smells awful. #SFMuni #SFMTA

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Muni in 2015: Same as it ever was


What did you expect, that a new year would somehow change the very essence of what it means to ride Muni? Yer too cute.

  • Watching Botox face rub smelly lotion over the hands of her lover, is this actually happenin?! #44
  • lady version of leg spreaders: women who insist on crossing legs on a crowded bus, and KEEP KICKING MY LEG. #SFMuni
  • My child just licked the handrail on the 30. He had a good run. #MuniDiaries #Muni
  • Lose-Lose: Being the person furiously scratching your head & ears on Muni or not-at-all-subtly leaning away from said person.
  • Sitting between a guy in a skull mask and a guy rolling a joint #onlyonmuni

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Photo by Lynn Friedman.

Our favorite New Year’s Eve Muni tweets

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker

Another New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and we all seem to have escaped largely unscathed. How was your Muni experience Wednesday evening? Here’s what some of your fellow Muni riders had to report:

  • OH: I confuse Narnia and The Odyssey. I really love #sfmuni on NYE.
  • Two old ladies are caroling on the bus #sfmuni
  • This dude got off the muni to puke then got right back on LOL
  • OH on #SFMuni: “I love Justin Bieber.” “Will you still love him after his balls drop?” “You’ve crossed the line.”

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