I tagged my card and got a citation

I used my clipper card on Muni for the first time this month on April 4. I tagged my card when I entered the Muni on Evans St. at 3:35 pm. My clipper card transaction history shows “Threshold auto-load at a TransLink Device at 3:35 PM.. I have spoken to Clipper customer service and they verified that I tagged my card. When I off-boarded at Embarcadero station, the officer said I did not tag my card and that I added $20 value at 3:45 Pm and issued me a ticket for $103. I was riding on the Muni at 3:45PM after having swiped my card at Evans St. ten minutes earlier. My clipper card transaction history shows that at 3:35PM $20 in value was added to my card; however is does not show that the fare was deducted.
Help! My citation review was denied even though I sent a copy of my clipper card transaction history along with the request for review.
I tagged my card, my transaction history shows that. The Muni system failed to deduct my fare. I had a balance for $9 before the $20 was added!.
I’d appreciate any advice and assistant.
Thank you in advance,
Denise Levin

28-19th Avenue passenger rides the bus hard


Helen describes the scene above.

This guy was listening to his boombox with headphones on the 28. And jamming out. Hard.

Boombox and headphones. Boombox and headphones … maybe his jams were so loud, like a helicopter passenger, he had to cover his ears to protect them and be able to communicate with fellow passengers …

Ah, never mind. I give up.

Helen dropped this one into our Diaries submission box. Now it’s your turn to share!

“My mother’s most memorable Muni story”

Photo by foggydave

100 Muni StoriesNot many (most?) of us can say that their mother took them around town on Muni when they were kids. Not so for one of our favorite Muni Diaries commenters, Dexter Wong. Take it away, Dexter:

My mother’s most memorable Muni story is that she was taking me to the doctor on the old B Geary streetcar (I was still a baby.) As we neared our stop, she picked me up (I was wrapped in a blanket) and walked toward the open door. A gust of wind came through it and blew the blanket open, revealing I was barefoot. An old lady noticed me and said loudly, “That baby must be cold!” My mother then covered me back up and got off, saying nothing, but feeling quite embarrassed.

Sweet stuff.

Linda calls for ‘organisation’ on the 22-Fillmore

Photo by Lynn Friedman

100 Muni StoriesThe “If I were God” game is a fun one. Linda played it recently on the 22-Fillmore, much to Timmie’s delight:

A reasonable request, however totally impossible. Esp. when it comes to Muni, amirite?

Reminder: You have until next Tuesday to submit your best Muni tales for the 100 Days, 100 Muni Stories feature. After that, we’ll consult with our pal Isaac Fitzgerald to determine who’s ball of yarn is the best — that one’ll be excerpted for bus ads on every Muni bus in town. Rad, we know.

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