Oh those Muni moments …


They make us laugh. They make us cry. They make us want to flail randomly and take out anything that might get in our way. They are Muni moments. These are our favorites this week:

  • Guy in front of me on the 22-Fillmore is knitting up a storm. He’s as fast as any grandma.
  • Everyday is a new day on #sfmuni. Got on the 81x and the driver is asking if anyone knows the route
  • There is a small black bird hopping confusedly around inside the K-Ingleside. #SFMuni
  • A guy just thanked us ladies for letting him take a “bomb ass” nap on the N-Judah. You’re welcome.
  • Bus driver is standing up and doing squats in the aisle during red lights

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The kindness of strangers on Muni

Photo by duluoz cats

Kindness has this thing it does where you’re walking around all pissed-off, jaded, or both. Then it whacks you over the head and confuses the hell out of you.

And some of these even involve awesome Muni drivers!

  • “Would you like to sit here, young sir?” “No thank you, dear lady.” This is the most polite bus ever.
  • I’ve lived by these wise words from a muni driver told me ,” Do whatever makes you happy”
  • Unlike trains, I get a sense of community on buses. see the same people every day. Either that or the matrix is glitched.
  • my bus is playing jazz music through the intercom speakers. This is the best commute ever! #awesomemunidrivers

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Muni moments that (almost) make it all worth it

Photo by Israel.

It’s no secret. Muni Diaries exists because we believe in the entertainment and joy that can be gleaned from an otherwise mundane (at best) or frustrating (at worst) experience. To wit:

  • Little girl ~6 yo parodying Muni “please hold on” saying “hold on for what?” to the tune of a popular inappropriate song
  • Our #SFMuni driver sounds like Barry White, which is awesome considering how short she is.
  • guy at #SFmuni stop doing extremely precise liquid dance to headphones music in a storefront reflection, and it’s very good
  • Dude next to me has @PopeyesChicken on the bus and IT SMELLS SO GOOD. #sfmuni
  • “You gotta wait til you 40 to date, then date 3 years, then get married.” advice from dude on #SFMuni while on the phone

If those tweets don’t force the corners of your mouth up just a little bit, we cannot help you.

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Three Winning Moves Seen on Muni

music on muni by erik wilson
Photo by Erik Wilson

Most people just get on the bus and plug their earphones in, but these fine riders have turned it up to 11 by busting out some absolutely awesome bus-riding moves. Hot from our Twitter wires, may I present the three most awesome moves seen on Muni this week:

  1. Man in motorized wheelchair on Muni after parking his ride: “The eagle has landed!” with a jaunty thumbs up. Sir, you’re golden.
  2. Trio singing “Cruella Deville” on 21 Hayes.
  3. A passenger’s Chihuahua eating flaming hot Cheetos on the 31. Classic.

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Head-scratching things overheard on Muni

Photo by Lynn Friedman

It’s not just smells, anger, and despair. Muni is also a roving audio laboratory, much to the delight and chagrin of us all.

These fellow Muni riders clued us in some things they overheard on Muni this week:

  • OH on Muni: “My cheek is sweating up my cellphone screen”
  • [on the J] Guy on phone: Yes but he’s vegan and I’m not very vegan-friendly.
  • Overheard at the #Muni stop: THIS IS THE LIVING WAGE!
  • OH: and he was programming on a go cart-he’s that badass, oh and he has a masters too. never forgetting headphones again

All righty then.

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Because some things happen ‘Only on Muni’

Photo by Julia Wolf

Muni Diaries is all about celebrating (and lamenting) life on Muni. To that end, we’re giving away two front-row seats to Muni Diaries Live on Nov. 8. All you have to do is tag your Muni tweets #OnlyonMuni for a chance to win.

This week’s entries include:

  • A woman was singing TLC’s ‘Creep’ at the top of her lungs (Great song choice btw), then spit her mouthwash on floor. #OnlyonMuni #sf
  • There’s a guy literally spinning yarn from raw wool fiber with a drop spindle on the 1 California right now. #OnlyonMuni
  • The most tattooed individual I have ever seen was a septuagenarian on the 38L #OnlyOnMuni
  • Fact: You can’t ride the 8BX and not see a tall can of Steel Reserve. #onlyonmuni
  • Sitting behind guy on #sfmuni I think he shaved his head this morning and forgot to wipe off excess shaving cream #OnlyonMuni

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