Weekend Photos: Here’s Lookin’ At You

MUNI Ballons
Photo by Flickr user chainsmokingbluemonkey

This week’s rainy weather netted us some lovely photos, and also a scary hit-and-run crash. In other news:

– Sweeping Changes Await Muni (Examiner)
– Fort Mason Streetcar Extension: Questions Answered (Market Street Railway)
Woman waiting for bus injured at 21-Hayes stop (investigation continues – SFAppeal)
– Muni Chief Argues Upcoming Service Frequency Cut is Targeted (Streetsblog)
– F-Market and Wharves extension to Fort Mason gets put on back burner (Curbed, Examiner)
– SF police adds patrols following attacks on Asians at transit stops (San Jose Mercury)
– Muni Gets $7 Million from TA for Budget Balancing Act — With Conditions (Streetsblog)
– The Geary BRT Citizens Advisory Committee needs more folks (SFCTA)

We’re celebrating some milestones here at Muni Diaries this week — we’ve just published our 1,000th post, and we’ve got a spiffy new look for the site coming to you in the next couple of weeks. You know what else really made my week? This photo below from the third Muni Diaries Live! event last Friday at the Make-Out Room. Lookin’ good, everyone.

Enjoy the rest of the photos and come back for more stories on Monday!

Photo by Troy Holden

Photo by Diana Wong

MUNI Bends 1
Photo by Flickr user chainsmokingbluemonkey

triple trouble at the transbay terminal
Photo by Flickr user Captin_nod

Weekend Photos: Looking out on San Francisco

The Boat
Photo by Flickr user jwhiteman

I simply do not believe that another week has past. That must mean that 2006 2010 is almost over, right? So fast.

So a couple of bombshell Muni news stories dropped just before this post published. The first, and perhaps most crucial, is Streetsblog SF’s report that SFMTA is now considering a second round of major service cuts in May to close its still astounding nearly $17 million budget gap. Cuts would affect every line, and hike fares on the F, cable cars, and express buses. Ouch.

Also late-breaking, KRON reports that Muni stabbing suspect Bobby Brown was found competent to stand trial for his alleged crimes. We find that hard to believe, but then, we’re not lawyers.

There was also this report from The Thin Green Line (an SFGate blog) about how Muni’s ridership and on-time performance numbers are holding steady. You take the good with the bad, I guess.

The weekend advisory from MTA says that rail work on the L-Taraval line will be on hold for the weekend. Also, on Monday (i.e., MLK day), parking meters will be enforced. Enjoy your holiday, if you’re lucky enough to get one!

Photo by Flickr user jwhiteman

Inbound Church
Photo by Flickr user daniellallanlefebvre

4th and King
Photo by Flickr user captin_nod

Photo by Flickr user daniellallanlefebvre

Weekend Photos: What is NextBus trying to tell us?

And Sometimes It's In Braille
Photo by Flickr user eviloars

Here we are, arrived at another wet weekend. The worst might be over, though. In which case, go Go forth and have your fun. (srsly, that hard-ass rain lasted, what, 14 minutes?) Don’t forget to go gripe talk to public officials (in government, police, MTA) at a City Hall hearing on Monday.

Here’s your MTA weekend traffic advisory:
Construction on San Jose Avenue between Geneva Avenue and Niagra Avenue will require the closure of both northbound lanes and one southbound lane of San Jose Avenue from 11 p.m., Friday to 4 a.m., Monday.

Beginning at 1:45 a.m. Saturday, the M-Ocean View Muni line will turn back at Plymouth and Broad streets. A Muni bus will provide service between Plymouth Avenue and Broad Street and San Jose and Geneva avenues on Saturday and Sunday.

Also, the N-Judah track repairs will pick up this evening. Pay attention, folks!

Traffic Detour/Construction Schedule: 7 p.m., Friday, Nov. 20 – 5 a.m., Monday, Nov. 23

Muni Bus Shuttle Schedule:

    8 p.m., Friday – 1 a.m., Saturday
    6 a.m., Saturday – 1 a.m., Sunday
    8 a.m., Sunday – 1 a.m., Monday

Note: The N-Owl service will operate until 6 a.m. Saturday; 8 a.m. Sunday; and 4 a.m. Monday

Additional Muni routes affected: 28-19th Avenue, 29-Sunset, 91-Owl, N-Owl

That, as they say, is all. Enjoy the photos!

Cable Car #25
Photo by Flickr user Troy Holden

Roar of the Four
Photo by Flickr user ebtmikado

Where New York meets San Francisco.
Photo by Flickr user Whole Wheat Toast

Weekend Photos

Photo by Flickr user Brian Brooks

It’s been a busy week in transit news:

  • Muni trains benefit from reduced traffic on Market (Streetsblog San Francisco)
  • A bomb scare at the Transbay Terminal turned out to be a bag stuffed with…leather (?!) (SFAppeal)
  • CSI-worthy scene at the Civic Center station. (SFist)
  • N-Judah rider hit by car when exiting train. (N-Judah Chronicles)
  • Charming use of BART station space as practice space for an unexpected sport. (BART Diaries)

We’re all off to the mountains to get some nature time this weekend, but we’re all just one Tweet away, so don’t forget to send us your stories.

Have a great weekend and enjoy these new photos from our Flickr pool.

(UPDATE: Sorry about the late photo credit, guys. My computer went kaput before I went away for the weekend and did not save my latest draft! – Eugenia)

Non-Muni Trauma
Photo by Flickr user Whole Wheat Toast
(From the Trauma shoot)

‘Suspicious Package’ on Muni Near Transbay Terminal (Updates)

transbay closure
Photo by Twitter user a_w_r

Update: 12:15. Turned out it was a bomb scare, KCBS reports. Phew! Streets are being reopened.

Original post:

KCBS is reporting that streets around the Transbay Terminal are closed and people are being evacuated due to…ready for this? A suspicious package found on a Muni bus.

More from KCBS:

The driver of the bus—now parked in front of the terminal near First and Second Streets—told KCBS reporter Doug Sovern at the scene she noticed an item a passenger had left behind that aroused her suspicions.

She described the item as something bigger than a backpack. An alert was issued to every transit agency in the country last week to be on guard for potential backpack bombs after the terrorism-related arrests in New York and Denver.

SFAppeal has street closure information, which impacts the 5, 6, 10, 14, 38, and 108. At 11:20 a.m., AlertSF posted that people should avoid the area for the next 90 minutes, stay inside and avoice windows and glassed areas.

Next stop, Washington Square?

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s definitely an oncoming train. The question is, is it a good thing for North Beach or not?

Locals, at least those who are members of the District 3 Democratic Club, seemed divided on the subject of the Central Subway, which was the featured topic at Thursday night’s special meeting of the D3DC at the Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center. A well-chosen panel — representing both Muni (or, if you must, MTA) and grassroots interests — tossed the subject around, both among themselves and with the lively audience.

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, the Central Subway (known sarcastically to its detractors as the Rose Pak Memorial Tunnel) is Muni’s planned extension of the T-Third rail line across Market Street and up Stockton into the very belly of Chinatown.

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